April 18, 2024

These days the popular built in double oven is mass produced for consumers in either gas or electric models. Before you begin looking to replace your existing oven with a trendy gas or electric built in oven it will be necessary to first of all decide on what type and model of oven you feel will suit your needs and fits flush with your existing cabinetry.
In this article we will cover the main advantages and disadvantages of having a gas or electric oven.

Gas Oven
One of the main advantages that gas ovens have are they save money on electricity because gas is cheaper to use overall than the cost of electricity. If you are curious about the actual saving that can be made you can often get the exact numbers from the manufacturer. This will then provide you with a comparison between electric and gas ovens based on the information obtained. One disadvantage of gas ovens is that often they do not cook the food evenly and to ensure food is cooked evenly it is often necessary to remove dishes occasionally and turn them around to ensure the entire dish is cooked consistently. In addition it can be costly to get a qualified gas engineer to install gas pipes, fittings and if required a flame failure safety device.

Electric Ovens
One of the main advantages electric ovens have compared to gas ovens is they tend to cook dishes more evenly compared to gas ovens particular the convection style oven that provides even cooking for roast meals up to 25% faster than the traditional oven. Many of the electric ovens these days also have built in fans which helps circulate the warm air around the oven resulting in the whole dish being cooked evenly. Some built in electric ovens have other modern innovations such as a self cleaning mode option that allows the oven to self clean. There is also an innovative “trivection” method of cooking that combines convection, thermal and microwave energy that helps to cook food incredibly quickly to an outstanding standard. faber cooktop 4 burner

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